When you feel that your business needs a new look or feel, then it’s time for a rebrand! There are many factors to consider in the process, and preparing effectively for your rebrand is key to making the transition polished.

Here are our top tips for a smooth branding process….


1.What do you want to change, and why?

First of all, ask yourself why you have decided to rebrand, and what you want to change. Is it your logo? The company name? The font? Brand colours? And most importantly why, has your branding become outdated? Maybe it doesn’t correlate to the brand values any longer? No matter what the reason, be sure you are clear on what you want to change and once these aspects are identified, you will have a clear pathway of what the final goal should be.


2. Remain true to your brand values

It is key to consider the core values of your brand, what do you stand for and believe in? What makes up the heart and soul of your company? You must ensure that these values will carry over to your new brand, if they still remain a big part of your mantra. We know how important it is to grow, but also just how important it is to keep core values of your brand consistent.


3.Agree on an approved budget

Rebranding is a lasting investment for your company. It requires a budget but the results are always worthwhile. Your branding sits on all aspects of your print collateral, your building, digital assets, communications, social media, advertising, PR and so many more.


4.Collaborate with a trusted creative agency to bring your vision to life

Work closely with the design team you have brought in to make your vision a reality. Share specifics with them and stay in touch frequently with meetings to see progress and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Create a list of branded assets that will need to be updated in the new branding, whether it’s company signage, digital assets, brand guidelines or company apparel, usually the creative agency can look after that process for you.

Most importantly, make sure to hire an agency with a glowing reputation to ensure that your rebrand will be showstopping!


5.Familiarise yourself with the new branding

It is so important to ensure that you know everything about your company’s new branding. It is crucial that the use of the new branding is communicated effectively across all teams within your business. Be clear with how to use your new colours, the language and the placement of your logo. The design team will draft up Brand Guidelines for you, so that there will be no confusion for your customers, employees or clients in the future!


6.Communicate and Implement your rebrand

Once your new branding is ready, make an announcement on social media, or send out communication to introduce your customers or clients to your new brand identity. You could create an advertising campaign around your new branding, and fully reveal it once complete to generate interest and excitement.

Begin implementing your new branding across all platforms and assets going forward to achieve consistency.

At Limelight Media, our Creative Graphic Design team have worked closely with many companies, from small local businesses to large scale Pharma companies, on both new brands and rebrand projects.
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