Now you have your new logo & branding, what’s next

You have your new logo and branding, but what’s next?

If you want to build a brand and not just a business, it’s time to take the next steps in integrating your new brand elements into every aspect of your business. This will help people recognise your business and strengthen the brand recognition among customers who already know your brand.


Your branding should be reflected in everything that your audience can see and hear. You can do this by using your new logo, colours, fonts, and any other brand assets across your channels, products, and services.


Anything tangible, from business cards to packaging should portray your new branding. Within your office decor, your brand image should be on display from the first step into the space.


It’s not all about design elements however, you should also be implementing your brand messaging and personality into any written or visual content, on platforms such as your social media platforms and your business website. Make sure to use your newly created Brand Guidelines to create consistency.


Here are some other areas where you should implement your new branding:


Email Signatures – Create an email signature for you and your employees email addresses that includes the logo, colours, font and any other elements. This will help ensure that you are consistently communicating your branding to anyone who encounters you or your business through email.


Business Presentations & Proposals – Whether for Internal Communications or presenting to an existing or potential client, your digital presentations should be designed in your new branding to make everything look consistent.


Printed Materials – Include the logo on any letterhead or stationery you use, put your logo on business cards and promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, posters and more.


Email Marketing – this is a powerful tool for reaching wide audiences and in turn this audience seeing your businesses branding.


We at Limelight Media have extensive expertise in launching new brands for our clients. From the branding process to the implementation of the chosen new brand, why not get in touch with the Limelight team? Contact us now