How to advertise and continue brand awareness during a pandemic?

These uncertain times have brought with them an unfamiliar set of hurdles for many businesses. There are no set in stone rules for brands right now, but there most definitely are  clever and valuable suggestions to consider to help continue your brand awareness and advertising throughout this pandemic. 

For the most part we cannot physically engage with brands in person, but consumers are still consuming, just in different ways. The pandemic has accelerated the speed at which we are going digital to avail of services – never before have we been so dependent on Zoom, Online Shopping sites & Social Media to get through our day! 

Many brands have shifted their business online, but many already had an online presence prior to the pandemic. It is important to keep your brands name, personality and offerings in the public eye during these uncertain times. Keeping your business out there is now the only way that consumers will know who you are and what you are about. By maintaining a trustworthy and strong brand identity and remaining prominent and consistent during these times will stick in individuals’ minds, and will most likely inform and enhance their choice of using your services when faced with purchasing decisions in the future. Consumers will return to the brands that are regularly posting and interacting with their following! 

The importance of keeping your business in the public eye is clear, but brands need more than just to be present. They need to continue their brand awareness and advertising, but in a different way than they have pre-pandemic.  

For many brands and businesses, it’s proving difficult to consistently come up with exciting new ideas and content, as in reality there are not a lot of new and exciting things occurring. However, right now it’s not all about new and exciting content – it’s about your tone, engaging with your audience, and avoiding the hard sell, and so on. 


Here are some valuable ways to advertise and continue brand awareness right now: 

  • Instead of just simply shutting your doors, keep your brand alive by bringing your business online. This way you can keep operating and stay engaged with your customers which is crucial for a business right now! 
  • Know your audience and focus on the customers you already have by engaging with them and knowing what content they interact with, as well as knowing the appropriate channels to post on. 
  • Avoid the hard sell and adapt your messaging to the current situation with the appropriate sensitive tone  – as everyone can relate to addressing the Covid-19 situation, add a more human layer to your messaging. 
  • Engage and Interact with your audience. Interacting through Instagram and Facebook stories is an effective and direct approach for example using question boxes which encourage user interaction with your page. Thanking your followers/customers for their support during these times is also effective. 
  • Create nostalgic and emotional content for social media that your followers can connect with and get a sense of who you are, this gives your brand a unique voice. It also differentiates from the not-so light hearted content that we users are drowning in at the moment! 
  • Give back to your followers/audience where possible with competitions, offering discount codes for your services, charity online events, shows that you value your followers. 
  • Invest in Facebook ads – these are affordable, engaging and well targeted and they offer you the ability to really scale your business! 
  • Keep your brand in front of customers in a subtle way. Through social media posts and stories, email newsletters and blog posts! 


While things are constantly changing over Covid-19 a brand needs to adapt and change also. By implementing these valuable suggestions on how to continue advertising and brand awareness during a pandemic your brand will remain alive and in the public eye – in the correct way! In preparation for life post-coronavirus, we must continue to keep moving forward. 

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